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10 Tips To Pass West African Examination Council (WAEC) 2018 With flying colours

Are you curious about passing WAEC 2018 examination and searching for tips to guide you through? This few tips will skyrocket your WAEC grades if you apply it.
Listen to me, A lot of candidates that I know overtime are very brilliant people and very hard working as well but they lack some of these useful WAEC exam tips that I am about to share with you. Because they never cared to apply these tips, it turned out that they failed.

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 It is my wish that everyone who reads this article makes good grades in their WAEC result 2018.

How To Pass WAEC Exams

10 Awesome Tips To Pass WAEC Exams 2018

Below are the top notch tips to passing WAEC exams with flying colors; no tears, all joy at the end!

1. Be convinced that you really want to sit for WAEC exams 2018.

You must first convince yourself that you are writing the 2018 WAEC exams comes rain comes sun. When you are totally convinced, up next, get to understand how WAEC set their questions by asking your brothers, friends or predecessors to assist you with your SUBJECT-COMBINATION past questions. At this point the importance of WAEC syllabus can not be undermined and the  2018 WAEC syllabus is the best you can wish for, so get it and start the preparation.

2. Do not give in to common sayings

There is a common saying in my days which is still trending right now in secondary schools that passing WAEC is difficult and impossible on your own. Take it from me, that's a fat lie that will weaken your studying habits once you start admitting it. At this juncture, I will recommend you get your recommended books and start studying.

3. Keep to WAEC rules and regulation of examination.

It is very sad that most students don't even care to read the WAEC exams rules and regulation before and after the exams. I recommend that you keep to the rules in order to successfully register and sit for all your papers without any issue with the invigilators and/or the examiners.

Update: WAEC Zonal Offices in Nigeria

4. Only Register in a reliable WAEC center.

Sometimes, you might be tempted to register in those backyard secondary schools in your village so you will be able to make all your papers through WAEC expo but the truth is this, you might be unfortunate to have your center cancelled by WAEC. In that case you will wish you searched for a legal and well endorsed WAEC center.

5. Develop a good study habit with good company

Not all WAEC study habit will yield a result with flying colors, In my well thought opinion I will recommend you prepare a time table for your personal studies. You can use the WAEC Time Table 2017 as a guide to making a good personal time table by correlating the dates and months of exam.
Form an ally with the top brains in your class and study with them.. Also ask them questions if you are not clear about anything.

6. Improve on your writing and your writing skill. 

Note that I said writing and writing skill, improving on your writing means you should make your writing eligible enough for the markers to see what you've written. This is very important because many students are academically sound but they still fail because of poor hand writing. Take your time and improve on your writing.

Next is writing skill, some markers may not score you because you got the answers correct but because your writing skill nailed it. In my time, I answer questions by writing everything single thing about the question, so even if I can't get the correct exact answer I am still able to attempt.

7. Do not write out of point.

In the previous tips, I said write everything, do not confuse it with writing out-of-point. Give the answers in a more stylish way because sometimes WAEC is not all about knowing the answer. It also need you to know how to give out the answers.
I recommend that you format your writing with clean writing and also remember to cross your t's and dot your i's.

8. Use the right formulas and units.

For the science students, try as much as possible to use the right formula. Stating the formula alone will give an additional mark in most cases. I recommended you start making haste to reciting important formulars.

PS: Learn your kelvin to Celsius conversion and vice versa because it doesn't miss out in Chemistry exams.

9. Time your self

You will need to work on speed  during the exams, so it's recommended that you start taking some practice questions and timing yourself will be a great move.

10. Ask the Examiners Any question

Most students I know are very timid to ask the invigilator/external invigilator in the exams. Mind you, your questions are the reason they are there not just because they want to police you.

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Passing WAEC exams might look very difficult at the beginning but remember that you can always make it if others have made it.  Good luck!

You may also wish to check WAEC frequently asked questions and answers page as well as WAEC scratch cards outlet.

Again!! don't be greedy, share this tips with your family and friends.


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