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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Importance of WAEC Syllabus - Must Read

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) syllabus was created to ensure that there is a fair and impartial understanding between the instructors and students such that there is minimal confusion on policies relating to a course.

Importance of WAEC Syllaabus

We will be looking at the importance of the WAEC Syllabus to candidates.

Why is the WAEC Syllabus so Importance?

Before you proceed into the importance, you might want to check out the current WAEC Syllabus for 2017.

Having checked that link, lets proceed to see it's importance in the life of candidates;

WAEC Syllabus provides an outline of topics to cover prior to the WASSCE

The WASSCE syllabus provides an outline of topics students should cover before they sit for the WAEC exam. Howbeit, this does not guarantee that questions on the WASSCE exam would come from every topic on the WAEC syllabus. Nevertheless, some questions during the examination may require knowledge of other topics also mentioned on the WAEC syllabus to be answered.

For instance, students who plan to write Elective / Further Mathematics are required by WAEC to study Trigonometry. However, questions on trigonometry may require knowledge of Algebra.

You may also skip to check WAEC Grading System to ensure you know your target grades for the upcoming examination.

The WASSCE Syllabus keeps students up to international education standards

The syllabus also keeps students up to international educational standards. For instance, topics to be covered on the WAEC Chemistry syllabus are similar to those that should be covered on the SAT II Chemistry syllabus. This is the reason why students who study topics covered on the WASSCE syllabus can easily attain a high score on the SAT Subject test on Chemistry.

WAEC Syllabus guides against failure

There are a number of reasons why students fail the WAEC exam or pass with low grades upon checking their WAEC Result. One of such reasons is that they are not aware of every topic they should master prior to the WASSCE exam. It is disappointing to note that some textbooks or teachers do not cover all the topics on the WAEC syllabus. Some students don’t even have access to WASSCE syllabus in their respective schools. It is equivalent to soldiers preparing for a war without having an idea of the capabilities, tactics, or terrain of the enemy.

You must understand that you are not fully prepared for the exam if you are not conversant with the topics that WAEC instructs you to treat. Solving WAEC past questions is a good thing, at least, we all know that most of what WAEC does is to recycle or repeat old questions. However, they could bring an unpopular question to a future exam—don’t be caught unaware.

The WASSCE syllabus (for different subjects) provided on this page should be your friend. With it, you will be aware of topics to cover in your study.

If you ever get into trouble on any serious WAEC related issues, Click here for WAEC Contact Phone number and email address.

Students who can use the WAEC syllabus

1.) Students from the following Anglophone West African countries can use the WASSCE / WAEC syllabus for different subjects on this page:

  • Ghana
  • Sierra Leone
  • Liberia
  • The Gambia
  • Nigeria

2). Students who are motivated and hungry to pass the WASSCE.


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